Genocide was instant.

Roadblocks sprang up right across the city, the militia being armed with one intent - to identify and kill Tutsis.

At the same time, Interahamwe began house-to-house searches.The names on the death lists were the first to be visited and slaughtered in their own homes.

The perpetrators had promised an apocalypse, and the operation which emerged was a devastating frenzy of violence, bloodshed and merciless killing.

The murderers used machetes, clubs, guns, and any blunt tool they could find to inflict as much pain on their victims as possible.

It was genocide from the first day. No Tutsi was exempt.

Women were beaten, raped, humiliated, abused and ultimately murdered, often in the sight of their own families.

Children watched as their parents were tortured, beaten and killed in front of their eyes, before their own small bodies were sliced, smashed, abused, pulverised and discarded.

The elderly, the pride of Rwandan society, were despised, and mercilessly murdered in cold blood.
Neighbours turned on neighbours, friends on friends, even family on their own family members.
Rwanda had turned into a nation of brutal, sadistic, merciless killers, and of innocent victims -