Children's Memorial

The Children's Memorial is dedicated to the memory of the many thousands of children whose lives were so cruelly and intentionally cut short. Each of the fourteen windows details the life and death of a single child.


Francine Murengezi Ingabire

Age: 12
Favourite sport: Swimming
Favourite food: Eggs and chips
Favourite drink: Milk and Fanta tropical
Best friend: Her elder sister Claudette
Cause of death: Hacked by machete

The children's memorial is a combination of large photographic images and subtle text captions. The exhibit features fourteen windows, each featuring the face of a child killed during the genocide. Beneath their portrait is a plaque which contains a few details about them and how they died. One of these children is Francine Murengezi Ingabire, pictured left.

After passing through these rooms, the memorial opens into a much brighter space. In this room, there are several children's portraits which run from floor to ceiling. Along one wall, these portraits provide a backdrop for a growing display of pictures collected and brought by survivors to the centre.

This memorial then leads to a balcony overlooking the rose-gardens, providing visitors with the opportunity to reflect on the memorial.